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OHK, formerly known as Oak House Kitchen, underwent a transformation in 2023, embracing a fresh look and feel. Founded in 2017 by Preston Walker and James Ball, OHK initially focused on catering consultancy and training in healthcare. Their collaboration began in 2013, leading to the enhancement of food quality and training in health and social care. James joined Preston and the team at Preston’s family-run Oak House Residential Home in 2015, where they developed an industry-leading ethos for providing delicious and nutritious food to residents despite medical requirements. Since then, their partnership has flourished.

Expert dysphagia consultancy

OHK’s expertise has attracted various businesses and organisations, including Premier Foods, Nutricia, Care UK, and Quantum Care. OHK has also worked with associations like the Hospital Caterers Association and the National Association of Care Caterers, and many NHS Trusts including East Sussex Healthcare Trust and the States of Guernsey.

Despite the closure of Oak House Residential Home, OHK’s journey continued, fuelled by word-of-mouth referrals. The duo’s commitment to innovation and industry standards remains reflected in their name and logo. OHK’s dedication to improving the quality of life persists, rooted in their origins and symbolised by the famous Oak tree still present in the logo today.

Our Team Members

Preston Walker

Preston Walker

Preston, an award-winning chef with 25 years of experience, who also worked at his family business, Oak House Residential Home. There, he strived to elevate cooking standards across the sector, specialising in special diets and elderly nutrition. As director of Oak House Residential Home, Preston oversaw residential care for the elderly. Originally the smallest care home in Rutland, Oak House started with just 3 bedrooms and expanded to accommodate 25 guests. Oak House Residential Home earned numerous accolades under his leadership due to their unique and innovative approach to care and nutrition.

Preston’s culinary journey began in fine dining establishments across the UK, including Michelin-starred Hambleton Hall, Kildare Hotel & Country Club, and Harts Restaurant. As Head Chef at World Service Restaurant, his team secured Nottingham Restaurant of the Year four times.

James Ball

James Ball

James, a self-taught chef with a background in science and training, entered the hospitality industry before transitioning to healthcare kitchen management in 2010. Recognising the need for improved standards and training, he spearheaded the development of an NVQ for chefs in healthcare. With expertise in catering for the elderly and modified foods, James is actively involved in sector-specific training and development.

Prior to his culinary career, James earned a degree in Sports Science and Nutrition and coached hockey. He later worked as a head chef and restaurant manager, gaining experience in various care settings.

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