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Course Contents

EDS Level 1

Public Health, Messages, Awareness

Designed for people supporting in a capacity where the development of dysphagia is likely and provides an understanding of the concern, signs of dysphagia development and the dysphagia management structure and scope of roles within the management team.

1. Introduction to Dysphagia

The condition and who it affects.

2. Swallowing

What needs to happen when we swallow.

3. Identifying a Problem

Short and long term signs of dysphagia.

4. Consequences of Dysphagia

Choking, malnutrition, dehydration and emotional and behavioural effects.

5. Aspiration

Aspiration, salient aspiration and the health risks this can cause.

6. A Life Changing Impact

Individual case studies – elderly (stroke and dementia) head and neck cancer, brain trauma and learning disability.

7. The Management of Dysphagia

A dysphagia management team, scope of roles and principles of referral.

8. Assessment

80% pass mark. on the content covered.

EDS Level 2

Care Plan Implementation

Designed for people implementing a care plan for individuals with dysphagia. The course builds on Level 1 learnings and covers oral hygiene, IDDSI, prompting safe eating and drinking, and the importance of good communication and documentation.

1. Oral Hygiene

The importance of effective oral hygiene.

2. IDDSI Drinks

The IDDSI framework and testing methods for IDDSI Drinks Levels.

3. IDDSI Foods

The IDDSI framework and testing methods for IDDSI Food Levels

4. Thickening Drinks

How to thicken drinks and offer variety for good hydration.

5. Modified Food

Food texture modification overview, including presenting and serving food for dysphagia.

6. Setting the Scene for Eating

Principles of effective control when setting up for oral intake.

7. During and After Eating

How to support and reduce with oral intake, including effective documentation and communication

8. Assessment

80% pass mark. on the content covered.

EDS Level 3

Identification and Implementation of an Interim Eating and Drinking Plan

Designed for people supporting in a capacity where there is a need for a good understanding and identification of the signs and symptoms of dysphagia, and change in the individual’s presentation and how these can be managed. Importantly, how to identify when additional specialist support is needed (e.g. GP/SLT/emergency services/dietician/paediatrician) and what steps need to be taken in the interim.

1. Gathering information and Considering the Individual

Information relating to presentation and needs of the individual.

2. Preparing the Environment and Implementing the Eating and Drinking Plan

Understanding how to prepare food and follow a plan.

3. IDDSI Foods

The IDDSI framework and testing methods for IDDSI Food Levels

4. Postural and Strengthening Exercises

Video tutorials of postural and strengthening exercises used by SLT clinicians.

5. Case Study 1: David (Elderly)

How the dysphagia management team managed David’s needs.

6. Case Study 2: Carl (Learning Disability)

How the dysphagia management team managed Carl’s needs.

7. Assessment

Introduction to Michael, whose case study is used to access understanding of the Levle 3 course.
80% pass mark on the contenet covered.

Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI

Catering for Dysphagia

Based on the OHK ORAL approach to texture modification for dysphagia diets, this online course is proven to improve the choice, quality and efficiency of producing food and drinks for dysphagia diets. The Content is easy to understand and can be applied to any setting and within cultural, religious and individual dietary requirements. 

1. Introduction to Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI

Swallowing normally, swallowing challenges and describing food textures.

2. Understanding IDDSI

Understanding IDDSI, IDDSI Food and IDDSI Drinks.

3. Oral

A systematic approach to dysphagia diets. ORAL – Observe, Reform, Audit, Label.

4. Practical Cooking for Dysphagia Diets

Video demonstrations of ORAL processes across all IDDSL levels for Food.

  • Peaches al all IDDSI Levels
  • Salmon Salad at EC7 and SB6
  • Chili Con Carne at MM5
  • Chicken and Mushroom Pasta at PU4 LQ3