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Dysphagia Training

The safe management of individuals with dysphagia is complex and high risk if you do not adhere to best practices.

Upskill your teams and improve auditability by partnering with OHK.

We provide end-to-end dysphagia training, as well as implementation support focused on dysphagia management.

We can support you to reduce risk in your setting, meet regulatory standards, and secure a better quality of life for individuals with specialised diets.

Because everyone deserves the right to safe nutrition.

OHK’s innovative e-learning was initially created as a collaboration with East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT) and has since been made available and accessible UK-wide. With resources mapped to the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists’ (RCSLT) Eating, Drinking and Swallowing Competency Framework (EDS) published in 2020, OHK’s specialist training can upskill your team’s knowledge on the guidance and how to ensure standards of care for individuals with dysphagia are met.

The ongoing partnership between OHK and ESHT brings together a talented team of experts maintaining the validity and accuracy of the resources. From the specialist clinical expertise of Anita Smith, advisor to RCSLT and Consultant SLT at ESHT and Laura Jones, Head of Service for speech and language therapy at ESHT, to OHK’s background in texture modification and heavy involvement with IDDSI at a global level. Passionate about improving the lives of those with swallowing difficulties, OHK is committed to delivering an educational platform that empowers caregivers to enhance patient care and improve safety.

Since inception, impressive results have been seen in the unit at ESHT with 91% reduction of incidents of SLT guidance non-compliance and no never events. What’s more, over 15,000 users across the UK have completed our modules:

  • 74% staff would now change the way they work due to improved knowledge around dysphagia management and IDDSI
  • 97% staff would recommend the course to a colleague
  • 96% improved understanding of making food for IDDSI

Discover how working with OHK can improve the quality of care in your healthcare setting.

Identifying your team needs.

OHK’s validated, specialised courses can meet the EDS and IDDSI needs across your whole team.

Unsure what training you need? Speak to us and we can help you identify areas of risk and demostrate to regulators evidence of scrutiny and improvement.

Cost effective training solutions for all.

Choose site bundles for comprehensive support and tangible savings.

EDS Level 1

Price Per Learner: £15

EDS Level 2

Price Per Learner: £17.50

EDS Level 3

Price Per Learner: £20

Dysphagia Diets

Price Per Learner: £150

Site Bundle - All Courses

Training bundles available for sites with 1-100+ beds. Contact us for bespoke pricing

Prices are illustrative of a 12 month licence and exclusive of VAT

Why eLearning?


Access anywhere, anytime, any device.


No need to travel. Simply need internet access.


Reduce travel, accommodation, venue costs.


Can be delivered to sites with just 1 bed or over 100. No limits here.


Start, stop, resume at any time.

Easily Monitored.

Live data accessible. Track progress and results.

Ongoing Clinical Updates.

Through partnership with East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust