Catering for People Recovering from Hospitalisation

People who have been hospitalised or have had a prolonged illness may be in need of nutrition and hydration support to aid recovery and build up essential stores that may have been depleted. Catering for people recovering from hospitalisation can seem intuitive. We have all been ill and well know how our appetite can be affected by this jolt to the system.

Take a look at our VideoCast on catering for people recovering from hospitalisation and get valuable insights from our expert panel who deal with this in their day-to-day lives.

Catering for People Recovering from Hospitalisation VideoCast covers:

  • How hospitalisation can affect nutritional status
  • What to think about when catering for people are in recovery
  • The types of food to offer to people recovering
  • Getting prepared to support people in recovery from illness

There are also clinical and practical insights that will help you understand how you can set up to support people in the best possible way.

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Further Support

To download our poster to support food and drink requirements of patients recovering fro hospital or long term illness click HERE.


The Association of UK Dietitians, BDA, has some fantastic resources. You can download and use these to help you support people that are at risk of malnutrition or dehydration. Visit their website by clicking HERE.


For advice on hydration strategies click HERE.

To return to our VideoCast series click HERE.

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