Gold at the HSJ Partnership Awards 2024!


We’re delighted to announce that our partnership with the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT) has been officially named as the “Gold” winner of the Patient Safety Collaboration of the Year at the HSJ Partnership Awards 2024.

The collaboration between OHK and specialist Speech & Language Therapists in ESHT and the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapy (RCSLT) launched a specialist, cost-effective e-learning programme that has been vastly improving the lives of those suffering with dysphagia since launch.

The HSJ Awards recognise an outstanding dedication to improving healthcare and effective collaboration with the NHS. OHK is owned and directed by Preston Walker and James Ball, both experts in the area of care catering, IDDSI and the texture modification of foods.

With 28 separate categories this year, the winners were announced during an impressive ceremony held at Evolution London, hosted by Miles Jupp. The event was attended by representatives from the NHS, and both the private and third sector as well as key players from non-clinical backgrounds, all coming together to celebrate the importance of positive partnerships and acknowledging how these underpin the future sustainability of the NHS.

The OHK and ESHT partnership was established in 2020 to create an interactive, immersive, and educational program tailored to address the diverse training needs of ESHT staff and enhance patient safety. Following the introduction of the eLearning-based there were no ‘never’ events or near misses and vast improvements in incident numbers being reported and acted upon. The collaboration and project was selected and put forward for the award based on its ambition, value and the positive outcomes that the project has had on both practitioners and patients.

James Ball, Director at OHK, comments: “Winning ‘gold’ in the Patient Safety Collaboration of the Year category validates our efforts in implementing the successful e-learning program. Everyone deserves the right to safe nutrition, and we are delighted to continue to work with NHS teams across the country to push this agenda forward. We’re committed to improving the lives of as many dysphagia patients as possible with our specialist training and support, and with our NHS colleagues, help to make dysphagia everyone’s business.”

HSJ editor Alastair McLellan commended the winners, emphasising the crucial role of external suppliers in healthcare improvement: “This year’s awards demonstrate there is almost no NHS clinical or support service which does not rely – sometimes almost completely – on the efforts of external suppliers.

“Almost any attempt to improve NHS productivity – the service’s greatest challenge – without working in concert with suppliers starts at a major disadvantage. Indeed, many of the best ideas for improving productivity do and will come from suppliers. Every one of the businesses on the Partnership Awards shortlist has shown the kind of thinking and determination it takes to deliver change in healthcare services. They should all be very proud of the efforts, our 28 winners especially so.”

OHK looks forward to building on this success and continuing their mission to improve healthcare outcomes in collaboration with NHS partners.

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