ORAL – Dysphagia Foodservice Safety Management System

ORAL – A Systems Based Approach to Dysphagia Foodservice Delivery

Ensuring that people with dysphagia are able to have the food and drinks they enjoy, and which meet clinical recommendations, is crucial for their safety, nutritional well being and quality of life. The best way to ensure consistency is to set up a Dysphagia Foodservice Safety Management System.

With the emergence of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) the ability to objectively test food and drinks to show they meet clinical recommendations have vastly improved the safety of dysphagia foodservice.

At Oak House Kitchen we know that a consistently high standard of delivery for dysphagia diets can be a great challenge and there are many factors that impact on the ability to do this day to day.

ORAL – Dysphagia Foodservice Production

We have scrutinised the way ingredients can be made suitable for the IDDSI Framework so that choice is not restricted and that individual preferences can be made available. This has led to a systematic approach being developed that can be applied to ingredients, dishes and a whole foodservice delivery.

Process Management

To consistently achieve the standards set out by clinical recommendations, regulatory bodies and the needs of people with dysphagia credible processes must be outlined and adhered to day to day. The factors involved in providing a dysphagia foodservice are many and can seem complex.

ORAL –Dysphagia Foodservice Production gives clarity to WHAT will be served, HOW it will be made and WHY you can be confident that it is safe.

Consistent results become standard when the requirements are clear and the outcomes become achievable. Our ORAL approach gives you confidence to set out your requirements across menus, procurement, processes and delivery and to manage these in a systematic way.

ORAL – Dysphagia Foodservice Safety Management System

Information Management

Implementing a dysphagia foodservice system requires vision and the ability to engage and motivate the whole team. It is not just a financial investment but an investment in time, emotion, resources and energy. Once the process of implementation has been completed there will be no second chances.

At Oak House Kitchen we want to make a real difference to the lives of people with dysphagia and understand how important successful implementation is; not only to future success but also to the motivation to start the process at all.

This is why we have developed the ORAL – Dysphagia Foodservice Safety Management System. This system gives information on the status of the dysphagia foodservice in real time so that risks can be managed and contingencies put in place.

Over time consistencies and inherent weaknesses can be observed and addressed to ensure the refinement of the embedded foodservice delivery and to bring confidence to everybody of the quality of the service.

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