Spring Lamb and Carrot Casserole 5/5

This method combines the Spring lamb and carrot casserole recipe with a braised carrot recipe. By creating the two components separately it means that more colour can be brought to the presentation of the dish.

For a 5/5 Quality Audit follow the 2 component recipes for:

Spring Lamb and Carrot Casserole

Braised Carrots



See ingredients list in each of the recipes.



Carry out the methods for the 2 component recipes.

To Serve: Start with a base of the lamb casserole and pipe dots of braised carrot onto the surface as shown:

IDDSI Audit – Use appropriate IDDSI Level 4 – Pureed Audit Sheet

IDDSI Testing Methods:

No lumps
IDDSI Fork Drip Test
IDDSI Spoon Tilt Test

Quality Audit: 5/5

Nutrition – 1/1
Flavour – 1/1
Colour – 1/1
Smell – 1/1
Composition – 1/1


Audit and serve the food at a temperature of 65C.