Strawberry Pavlova IDDSI Level 4

This wonderful strawberry Pavlova for dysphagia diets recipe is a great way to end a summer meal and showcases strawberries perfectly!

This dish can be served in individual dishes or on a large serving plate (like a regular Pavlova). The components can be spooned, quenelled or piped.

Highly recommended with a chilled glass of fizz!



Strawberry Puree

500g Strawberries

100g Icing Sugar

Meringue Puree

300g Caster Sugar

100ml Water

4 Egg Whites

200ml Double Cream – To reduce stickiness


4 Egg Yolks

300ml Double Cream

50g Caster Sugar

5g Vanilla Extract

Store Cupboard


Instant food thickener

Reform Processes



  • Finely process the strawberries to a puree
  • Exclude the seeds from the puree
  • Texturise to the required thickness

Meringue Puree

  • Texturise to reduce the stickiness of the puree


  • Texturise to thicken or thin as required



  1. Finely process the strawberries in a blender and exclude any remaining seeds by passing through a fine sieve.
  2. Texturise the smooth strawberry puree so that it meets the requirements of the PU4 IDDSI Testing Methods set out on the IDDSI Audit Sheet.
  3. Add the sugar and water to a pan and bring to the boil to make a stock syrup. This is achieved when the mixture reaches 115C.
  4. While the syrup is heating, add the egg whites to a mixer bowl and, on a medium speed, whisk until you achieve a soft peak stage, medium bodied consistency.
  5. At the point this is achieved, the stock syrup should be ready. Turn the speed on the mixer up a little and start to slowly pour the hot syrup over the egg whites.
  6. Continue to whisk the meringue after all the syrup has been added, for a couple of minutes, until it has cooled. The resultant meringue will be smooth and glossy, but quite sticky.
  7. Fold in the double cream to reduce the stickiness and until the mixture passes the IDDSI Testing Methods for PU4.
  8. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar and mix in the cream. Over a medium heat, continue to stir until the custard thickens. Remove from the heat, cover with clingfilm so that it touches the surface, allow to cool and then chill in a fridge.
  9. When ready to serve, remove from the fridge and briefly whisk the set custard. Check the consistency using the IDDSI Testing Methods. If required, it can be thickened using modified food thickener or thinned using some milk.

IDDSI Audit – Use appropriate IDDSI Level 4 – Pureed Audit Sheet

IDDSI Testing Methods:

  • No lumps
  • IDDSI Fork Drip Test
  • IDDSI Spoon Tilt Test

Quality Audit

Nutrition – 1/1
Flavour – 1/1
Colour – 1/1
Smell – 1/1
Composition – 1/1


Audit and serve the food at a temperature of 15C.