Turkish Delight – IDDSI Level 4 Recipe

This recipe for dysphagia Turkish delight came about from a heartfelt request to give a mother her favorite sweets…

Loving Request

When Anita came to us to ask if we could make her mother her favourite sweets – Turkish delight – we were so pleased to be asked to help with this loving request.

Our initial research into the recipe looked at a range of different Turkish delight available in the shops.

With the need to blend the products we knew there would be an issue with stickiness and although different brands gave different results it was impossible for the blended Turkish delight to pass the IDDSI spoon tilt test.

We needed to come up with a suitable recipe from scratch. One that was going to give this Turkish delight the required textural qualities and characteristic flavour.

The IDDSI Testing methods require for IDDSI Level 4 to pass the fork drip and spoon tilt tests. For more details on the IDDSI Testing methods for food click HERE to visit their site.

Ingredient Selection

We have a great deal of experience with all sorts of thickening, gelling and setting agents used in the world of ‘Molecular Gastronomy’.

Where possible we also look to develop recipes that can be used across ALL the IDDSI Levels for food. This means that production in care settings and manufacturing is simplified.

However, in this case the best results for IDDSI Level 4 came with the use of Sosa Gelcrem Hot – a modified starch that needs cooking out and creates a wonderful, light curd texture.

Now it needed to look and taste just like real Turkish delight. To bring back all the great memories of eating it!

The wonderful colour that you would expect in the vibrant confectionery was difficult to achieve naturally. We tried a number of colourants, however the most vibrant pink colour we found came from using dried beetroot powder.

Turkish delight has a fragrance of rose water and gives a sugary hit! These ingredients were balanced so that the thickened curd tasted just like thee real thing!

Follow the Recipe for Dysphagia Turkish Delight

Follow the recipe below to see how to make this for yourself or for a loved one on Valentine’s Day.

The recipe can be frozen too!

For more details on the ingredients we have used click HERE to visit HB Ingredients website who stock the SOSA ingredients we have used.



250g Water

150g Caster Sugar

20g Rose Water

30g Sosa Gelcrem Hot

0.5g Sosa Beetroot Powder



Place all the ingredients together in a pan

Heat the pan and bring to the boil stirring constantly

Reduce the heat and cook for 1 minute

Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly

Blend with a hand blender until smooth and glossy

Complete IDDSI Level 4 audits for compliance then transfer to a piping bag until use

Recipe Hack:

This wonderfully authentic Turkish delight curd can be used in everyday cooking and used to fill rouldades, cakes or just spread on hot buttered toast.

Make the curd and portion in ice cube trays as they can be frozen and defrosted when needed. Make sure you fully defrost and check using the IDDSI Testing methods before serving.