Understanding How Catering Supports Patient Recovery – VideoCasts

During these unprecedented times we are seeing a great surge of collective collaboration to support the nation’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak. There have been many ways in which hospitality businesses have used existing skills and resource channels and deploy them in a new, innovative and supportive way. Oak House Kitchen has joined with a select group of experts to show how catering supports patient recovery.

Inspirational Collaborative Efforts

There are many examples of where supply, manufacture, production and facilities have quickly moved to support NHS, Social Care and Community needs. The way this has been done makes us proud to be a part of the hospitality sector!

One such way is the re-purposing of hotels as temporary hospitals to bring relief and respite to hospitals that need bed space for new cases of the virus. We have heard of many examples in which this partnership is taking shape all across the UK and further afield.

It is clear that at this time this partnership is needed and there has been much work done behind the scenes to ensure hotels can provide a safe and effective environment for patients and their staff members working in a changed role.

Changing Roles to Support the Crisis

There are many ways in which there have been changes to the roles of hospitality professionals during this transition. The passion and enthusiasm to support during this crisis has meant that learning new skills and redeployment is commonplace.

Hotels as Hospitals

One group that have stepped in to take responsibility are the hotels now acting as temporary hospitals. Within these businesses team members are taking on new roles and developing new skills. One such area is  the kitchen and catering services. I know, from the kitchens that we have worked in, the skills, passion and drive of chefs will add great value to effectively deliver what is needed.

Chefs in New Roles

There are many others, too, finding a new way to apply their skills in this crisis. There are a great number of chefs that we know from hospitality who are now furloughed or unemployed. Many of these chefs are now answering the call from the health and social care sector to join catering teams to keep care settings functioning.

Supporting Role Changes

The skills and knowledge these new healthcare caterers have is a fantastic opportunity! It will underpin their ability to provide the high quality foodservice needed in this context.

However healthcare catering does have many important details that lie outside the regular scope of hospitality catering. A basic understanding of how nutrition and hydration is crucial in these settings will be of great value to everyone. Armed with this knowledge these chefs can support vulnerable people in their recovery from illness.

To support this need we have produced a series of short VideoCasts. Expert panellists discuss this underpinning knowledge, give advice and practical examples of how to support people recovering from illness.

Understand How Catering Supports Patient Recovery – VideoCasts

The Panel

Helen Simpson – Dietitian (Enhanced Care Home Support Team)
Fiona Gardiner – Speech and Language Therapist (Acute Hospital and Community)
Anne Dudley – Catering Lead and South West NACC Deputy
Preston Walker – Care Home Director and Midlands NACC Chair

Find out more on how catering supports patient recovery. To view the VideoCasts and access supporting resources on the subjects discussed click on the topic headings below:

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