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IDDSI Webinar – Myths and Truths about Modifying Foods for IDDSI Levels

The Challenge It has been an honour and a great responsibility to be asked to be involved with such a project and at times it has fully challenged our understanding of modifying foods for the IDDSI levels. We hope this first webinar ‘Myths and Truths about Modifying...

IDDSI Cooking Webinar Part 2 – Starchy Foods

IDDSI Cooking Webinar Part 2 Following on from our discussion on the fundamentals of choosing and cooking meats we now look at the characteristics of starchy foods and some of the challenges around modifying them for IDDSI Levels. We focus here on IDDSI Level 4 –...


Reform Processes relating to the preparation of ingredients and/or components within dishes that require texture modification for dysphagia diets. In some cases reform processes are required in combination in order to achieve the required texture.   Reform...

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