IDDSI Level 4 Food (PU4)

Spaghetti Bolognaise

This classic, comforting spaghetti bolognaise showcases how diverse and delicious IDDSI Level 4 meals can be.  This robust dish is great with a glass of Primitivo. Serves 4. Prep time – 20 minutes. Cook time – 1 hour.Ingredients   Bolognaise Sauce 600g Tinned...

Pasta Mousse Recipe – A Lighter Way of Thinking

We have been looking closely at some of the trickier elements of dysphagia diets since our IDDSI webinar back in October last year, especially around starchy foods at IDDSI Level 4 – Pureed. The way these foods perform in the IDDSI spoon tilt test has given us hours...

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