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OHK has been making a positive impact all across the UK.

Together we identified a need to increase the knowledge and skills of supporting people with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties across our care settings in Norfolk.

We decided to partner with Oak House Kitchen because the expertise, care and passion Preston and James provide is unmatched in the care catering industry.

From the initial enquiry right through to the onboarding sessions, we have been impressed by the quality of the training provided and the willingness to understand our business and our people. Oak House Kitchen emphasise the importance of flavour and enjoyment of food, no matter the texture required for safe eating. This ‘back to basics’ approach resonated with our teams and will open many possibilities on our future menu planning.

84% of attendees to the onboarding sessions feel they now have a good or strong understanding of supporting people with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties.

Their training is empowering our people to enhance the overall dining experience for our residents, thank you Oak House Kitchen.

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Melanie Hides & Alison Holmes

Head Of Catering & Business Development Director , Norse Care

James and Preston are a wonderful resource of knowledge. They have provided and continued to offer fantastic, and extremely, valuable support and information. As an innovative care provider, it is wonderful to work with OHK to develop and upskill our staff teams at all levels.

From our initial conversations with regard to our identified training needs, OHK worked alongside us in developing a bespoke package of training support that continues to fully meet our needs from both a industry regulatory perspective and a quality assurance standpoint. The practical elements of the course were delivered in a person centred and individual way that all of our teams commented on how refreshing and inspiring the training was. This was supplemented by the easily accessible and informative eLearning that complimented and enhances our in-house Induction.

We have been supported throughout by OHK and its so refreshing to meet a team that are as committed to ensuring quality and safety is at the forefront of our service delivery We are very much looking forward to continuing and developing this relationship.

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Samantha Jackson & Brendon Conlon

Hospitality & Catering Manager, Learning & Development Manager , Belong Villages

I’m very supportive of the unique collaboration between OHK and East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT), which brought together the expertise and knowledge of front line SLTs with the expertise of OHK on texture modification in line with IDDSI.

The submission to HSJ highlights the success of this initiative not only in terms of reach, to over 15,000 learners across all partnerships but also improved patient outcomes, with no never events and more efficient and effective use of staff time and skills.

 With the high prevalence of people with dysphagia in the UK, there is an opportunity to support and encourage widespread take up of this programme and to improve outcomes for patients across the UK.

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Ms Kamini Gadhok MBE

CEO, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) from 2000-2023

Our partnership with OHK has enabled us to develop and deliver a robust programme which is now a core part of the training suite available to our colleagues. This enables us to deliver the very best care for patients with dysphagia in East Sussex.

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Joe Chadwick-Bell

CEO, East Sussex NHS Healthcare Trust

It gives clear guidance for the levels and to ensure recommendations are followed and how to look for signs of aspiration.

Staff Member

East Sussex NHS Healthcare Trust

When assisting patients with dysphagia with their eating and drinking, I will be more confident to ensure that they are eating and drinking in a safe manner.

Staff Member

East Sussex NHS Healthcare Trust

I found this very clear and easy to use and have learned so much to take to my workplace.

Staff Member

East Sussex NHS Healthcare Trust

Guernsey has had the fantastic opportunity to work with OHK and embed their training throughout levels 1 and 2 of the EDSCF. The dysphagia modules support all levels of staff to meet their competency on the framework, and this training has meant that risks for people with dysphagia have significantly been reduced. In addition, we have used the OHK chef training throughout the hospital catering departments. Thank you as this is making a difference to patients.

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Fiona Gardiner

Specialist SLT, States of Guernsey

I wanted to get in touch to feedback that I’ve accessed your online Dysphagia Modules and think they are great. Really clear, holistic messages around safe swallowing and texture modification. Really helpful messages and photographs/images.

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Sandra Hewitt

Clinical Lead Speech & Language Therapist for Stroke Services, NHS Highlands

This programme covers all our teams that are involved  in handling food from preparation to serving food and supporting residents to eat. This course covers everyone. The benefit is that everyone is learning from the same programme, eliminating the risk of different information being given to different team members. The cooks are covered, the nurses, carers and activities team are all included. The practical session for the cooks is very informative and relevant, adding the specialist touch to the care Home Kitchen and the journey of food production. For people with swallowing challenges that may affect  some of our service users.

This course simplifies the SALT language. It makes communication from the SALT department widely known and the staff groups can all understand what is being said to them, interpret instruction on how to safely support eating and drinking and follow through without any mix up along the way. With everyone speaking the same language, teams work better together to achieve positive outcomes for the residents in care. Impossibilities in the journey of food production are eliminated. Cooks can offer almost everything on the menu from starter to dessert without cooking a lot of different foods at any one meal time!

We’ve seen great impact from the training, including:

  • Safety in the area of eating and drinking is achieved.
  • The human rights are upheld, the right to enjoy their food and drink safely.
  • The risk of food poisoning from cooks repeatedly modifying or keeping the same food for more than 24 hours is removed!
  • Access to a variety of foods from salad to cakes , etc. is maintained.
  • Supported to maintain a healthy weight
  • Everyone is happy as meal times are not monotonous.

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Esther Bathgate


We, as a company, recognised there was a need for additional, robust, training for our catering teams to support our previous training and modified texture meals policy. The training is being received with great enthusiasm form our placemakers. It is widely recognised this training will not only develop individual’s skill bases by improving knowledge around IDDSI framework, but it will also provide sound, hands on, practical training to put this learning into practice and directly into our kitchens. The OHK training will improve the confidence of our catering teams when producing IDDSI meals for children and young people and it will also develop their individual training portfolios.

 We feel OHK is the most suitable programme for ISS because of the rare, and high level, of expertise and knowledge both James and Preston can impart with our placemakers. The IDDSI framework, and in turn, the production of IDDSI meals is a specialised area. It is imperative training in this field is detailed and correct, to minimise any potential risk with the production and service of these meals within our Education business. James and Preston have worked hard to establish the individual needs of our business and have created a bespoke training package for paediatrics, whilst also keeping aligned to our modified texture meals policy. We have received an incredibly high level of serve throughout and continue to be supported with additional aspects such as revising recipe methods for IDDSI meals, to support our catering staff in the production of these meals.

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Clare Harper,

Nutritionist, ISS UK

My team had a great day yesterday at the training session in Hackney. They felt it was very informative and well run, the kitchen staff especially got a lot out of it.  It’s also given them confidence in their day-to-day work.

Area Manager


The EDS e-modules have been an invaluable resource to the Speech Therapy Service across our different college sites.

 In the face of difficulties with recruitment of dysphagia trained SaLTs and high agency support staff turnover, the e-learning modules and programme provided by Oak House Kitchen has opened possibilities for the SaLT Service to allocate support staff onto the e-modules which cover dysphagia awareness, dysphagia care plan implementation and identifying need for amended mealtime plans.  The e-modules allow the SaLT service to capture which staff completed the modules with baseline measurements of EDS awareness and competencies across different locations and college sites. 

 In turn, this has freed up time for the Speech Therapists to focus resources more effectively on more complex dysphagic students’ and related MDT work across our integrated services team. 

 The e-learning modules are aligned to the EDS competencies and have provided a starting point for the SaLT service to train Assistant Dysphagia practitioners to support the low to medium risk dysphagia needs across our organisation. In turn, this paves the way for improved efficiency in the dysphagia service and developing dysphagia related skills, competencies and expertise across different disciplines.

 Thank you, James and Preston, for all your efforts and work.

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Lindsay Walker

Orchard Hill College